ECLER NEST 106 Sphere Portion Loudspeaker

ECLER NEST 106 Sphere Portion Loudspeaker

ECLER eCS803 Column Loudspeaker

Column Loudspeaker
ECLER ESSENTIALS eCS803 is a column loudspeaker, featuring 8 x 3" woofer transducers, 80 WRMS total power @ 8 ohm,
low impedance direct connection and 70/100V transformer with 4 different power taps. Aluminium enclosure with included wall bracket and IP44 class.

Σε απόθεμα
Nominal low impedance
Power selector 30W-20W-10W-5W 100V 8 Ω
RMS power 80 W
Dimensions (without accessories) 105x760x90mm
Weight 4.5 kg

Key Features
• Column type loudspeaker: 8 x 3” 80 WRMS
• Transformer selector: 30W-20W-10W-5W 100V 8 Ω
• Stripped wire connection
• Aluminium enclosure
• IP44 rated
• Included wall bracket

• Shopping centres
• Retail shops
• PA distributed sound systems
• Clubs, Cafes, Bars foreground/background reinforcement
• Health and sports centres
• Meeting and conference rooms

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