ECLER IC3 10W 3" woofer

ECLER IW103 In-ceiling / In-wall High-end Loudspeaker

ECLER IW103 In-ceiling / In-wall High-end Loudspeaker

ECLER ICSB10 100W 10" woofer In-ceiling / In-wall Loudspeaker

In-ceiling / In-wall Loudspeaker
ECLER ICSB10 sub-woofer reinforcement loudspeaker is the perfect option for 70/100 V and low impedance sound solutions.
It mounts a 10” providing 100 WRMS power in a discreet design and integrates a switchable LPF (ON / OFF position) with a cut-off frequency of 150Hz.
IC series provide excellent sound quality thanks to their infinite baffle philosophy and a top-performance high frequency transducer.

Σε απόθεμα
External diameter 335mm
Internal diameter 305 mm
LPF crossover cutoff frequency 150 Hz
Nominal high impedance 50/100V Line
Nominal low impedance 8Ω
Power selector @ 100V 7.5, 15, 30, 60 W
Required depth 126 mm
RMS power 100 W
Sensitivity 1W/1m (filter off) 96 dB
Weight 5.3 kg

Key Features
• One-way ABS 10" sub-woofer loudspeaker, 100 WRMS
• Built-in audio transformer for 70/100 V use
• Polypropylene woofer that resists heat and humidity
• Front grill may be removed for painting
• Aluminium front grill, rust-proof
• Clip-type input terminals and low impedance / high impedance power tap selector
• Cutting and painting templates included
• Support system with 3 rotating tabs
• Included metallic accessories to reinforce installations in standard dropped ceilings

• Corporate and residential buildings
• Commercial premises
• Leisure centres
• Sound reinforcement in clubs, bars, etc.
• Health and sports centres
• Meeting and conference rooms
• 5.1 and 7.1 surround systems
• Auditoriums, museums
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