SONAR 115 Xi

SONAR 115 Xi



SONAR 115 Sub D is a powerful, state-of-the-art powered subwoofer for extending the bass response of SONAR full-range models, but also many other types of speakers. The 15″ high-performance woofer, the 1500-watt power amplifier and the meticulous HK Audio acoustic engineering guarantee an impressively powerful bass experience.

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Adding a second SONAR 115 Sub D increases the low-frequency sound pressure level. The classic full-stack configuration on the left with two subs projecting forward boosts the SPL by 3 dB in all directions. But there is a better way of boosting bass SPL – with the SONAR 115 Sub D’s cardioid capabilities. It features two presets that let you set up a cardioid bass rig as shown on the right with the bottom sub projecting rearward – no complicated math or delay time compensation required.

Simply select the Cardioid Rear preset for the bottom bass bin and the Cardioid Front preset for top subwoofer that projects forward. Now the two are tuned to operate properly without requiring any further adjustments.

When is it a good idea to go with a cardioid setup?

A cardioid setup is all about canceling out rearward radiating frequencies. While speakers are able to throw midrange and high frequencies in directional patterns, low frequencies tend to radiate in all directions. Excessive bass levels can often be a problem on and behind the stage. And promoters are increasingly making demands to limit sound systems’ low-end reach, for example, in festival tents at urban venues.

The SONAR 115 SUB D has all the hardware and audio features needed to quickly and easily configure effective cardioid setups that attenuate rearward bass frequencies by as much as 34 dB. This makes performing life a lot easier for the artists on the stage and vastly improves the sound because microphones no longer pick up stray low-frequency signals.

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